College Fair Preparation Info.


Dear High School Counselors,

The Colorado Western Slope College Fair is getting closer and we promised to share the information to use in regard to prepping the students on how to take full advantage of their short time at the fair. We call these 20 minute prep sessions “Brown Bags” in honor of having to bring brown bag lunch the day you share this prep and information.  The gist of the prep session is to encourage the kids to:

  • Come prepared
  • Dress appropriately
  • Study which colleges are coming
  • Look over the workshop list and select which ones will help with college access
    and information.
  • Use their time with the Admissions Officers well.
  • Have some questions ready when they have face time with the Admissions Officers

For you:

  • Check over the Adams State Credit Offer
  • Look over the workshops and schedule for teachers and counselors.


Brown Bag Lunch Series

How to Make the Most of The College Fair


I. The tips to help you stand out and dazzle Admissions Officers (10 min)

The impression you give with:

  • Dress
  • Language
  • Eye Contact
  • Questions
  • Body Language

II.  Prefair Preparation: (5 min)

  • Choosing your top 10 target
  • (Handout on determining match and fit)

III. The Big Event: (5 min)

  • How to maximize your time
  • Hit your top 10
  • Be spontaneous – warm up!
  • Meaningful questions  (Handout on sample questions)
  • Tools to carry: card, stapler, name tag

IV. Questions and Answers (5 min)


Good Questions for College Admissions Officers


  • Do they have the subjects that most interest me?
  • What percent of students applying to med school/ lawschool/ business school get accepted?
  • What percent of students graduate? (retention rate—look for 80 percent and higher. If lower, why do they think that is?)
  • Can freshmen get the courses that they want?
  • Is there academic advising prior to registration?
  • How many students does each adviser advise?
  • Is there a student course evaluation published and available?
  • How often do students meet with professors? What is the student/faculty relationship like?
  • If I am not a music major, can I use the practice rooms? Can I take music classes if not a music major?
  • If I am not an art major, can I use studio space?

Student Life

  • How many students on campus?
  • Can students have cars?
  • Do students live in dorms? What percent?
  • Are dorms co-ed?
  • Do students leave on the weekends? Where do they go?
  • How far is Boston, NYC, Seattle, San Francisco, etc.
  • How far is skiing/ climbing/ paddling?
  • Can I keep my horse in the barns?